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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Say Goodnight

Men, do you really wanna see how corny and horny they are all the time? Then you need to watch David Von Allmen's Say Goodnight cause it's a fine example of how immature they really are...but it's funny as hell and nice to have the fly on the wall insight of how their mind works and what makes them tick. I am sure not all guys are this way (yeah right!) but I bet it's like two guys out of 1000 that aren't total pigs.

Three guys are sitting at a booth in a bar with there other friend chit chatting about their lives and of course the women they have loved and then managed to lose with their own destined stupidity. They say you live and learn but something tells me these fools just might not ever learn the valuable lesson of grow the hell up already.

My favorite character in the film was Victor he was not only cute and hysterical but he kept digging his hole deeper and deeper with his adolesent like schemes to make his new girlfriend at the time Crystal jealous so that she would want him even more- let me tell you something right now, women don't like that trick and it will get you pushed away way before it draws you closer.

I laughed and at times I thought "what in the hell were these guys thinking?" Mason seems to have some sort of OCD thing going on- or hey maybe he's secretly gay but he is always making excuses when it come down to entering. Leroy is in a horrible relationship but he seems to be the only one who doesn't see it...well until he meets Victoria.

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