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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Someone's Knocking on the Door

If I go by my rating system, Someone's Knocking on the Door gets a full five slashes- this movie was crazy, sick, disturbing, and perverted. I must be a freak myself but I haven't had a movie keep me looking at the screen and not budging from my seat for anything in years. Ezra Buzzington is a psychotic maniac and plays the part well!

This is a film that has you wanting to make everyone you know watch it and see what their reaction will be. The very opening scene paves the way for the fucked up yelllow brick road you'll be traveling down. A group of close friends like to experiment with drugs and each other but the only problem is there's a nasty side effect to that drug and their names are John and Wilma.

These two will kill off your high just like they will kill you in some pretty wicked ways that you will never forget. Out of all of them, Meg is the only straight laced one in the bunch and doesn't put those crazy
chemicals in her body.So one day when they are hanging out in medical records basement going thru serial killers Jon and Wilma's files, everyone except Meg pops the drug and listens to a taped session.

I honestly think that Chad Ferrin's Someone's Knocking on the Door in my opinion was a freakin Horror
Masterpiece- it's got it all and more! I loved the scene where Meg is running down the wet hallway and keeps falling, it's not one of those stupid "Oh, I just keep falling down in the woods for no reason so I can get slaughtered" moves. This is a film you don't wanna miss....

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