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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Shadow Within

Director Silvana Zancolo's The Shadow Within was a genuine treat to watch. I loved the era that the movie was set in which was around the 17-18 hundreds. The clothes, scenery and characters behavior was perfect- couldn't of been done better. Here we have Maurice who is a little adorable blond boy who has either an incredible gift or horrific burden- depends on who you talk to.

You see, little Maurice can connect with loved ones who have already passed over onto the otherside. His teacher seems to take a liking to him and takes some time to speak with him when he can. Maurice's mother holds a very tight reign on her special son and doesn't let him do much of anything. She doesn't show him an ounce of affection and it's heart breaking.

The reason his mother seems to despise him so much is because of her devastation at the fact that Maurice's twin brother Jacque died at birth. Maybe her grief was once out of post partum depression and then just stemmed into disgust that he survived and his brother did not. How does she even know Jacque would of been this perfect child? She's delusional.

The Shadow Within is a great supernatural thriller that unfolds nice and smooth with a great visual perception of a time where disease ravaged thru a town like a tornado and not having the resources yet to really control the deadly situation. You'll see a seance that rings nostalgic of time we never personally experienced but might of liked to...

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