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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tortured (aka Sex Slave)

Two devious fucks named Kurk and Quaid luck out and escape from prison and are ready for some twisted ass fun. They soon are out scouring the streets for some prime looking chicks that they can get their filthy hands on, and soon they see a big boobed prospect.
They follow her and find out where she lives and decide to come back  and pay her visit later on. They hit up the local pub and drool over a group of gals sitting at a corner booth. Then to their delight, the brunette with the knockers comes strolling in and sits down with them.
Kurk gets pissed and tells Quaid he needs to flip the fuck out so bug off and get the car. Kurk goes off leaving plenty on blood while Quaid throws the brunette in the trunk. Kurk thinks they are using her as a hostage but Quaid ends up raping her
Tortured aka Sex Slave was really graphic and sexual and if you can't handle that sort of film this one is not for you. But if you can, you won't be disappointed in the havoc these two reek! Plenty of blood, violence and full on female nudity.   

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