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Monday, June 6, 2011

Anniversary at Shallow Creek

89 minutes
Directed by- Jon D. Wagner
Anniversary at Shallow Creek slams into you like a runaway freight train from about 2 minutes in till the very end. Sam and Page are a young couple very much in love who decide to take a little vacation to relax and forget about grueling medical school for awhile. Four of their very close friends join them for some fun.
Unbeknown-st to them the previous year the house they are now staying in was the scene of a  double murder and of course the killer was never caught. Now this killer is a sharp shooting son of a bitch who enjoys using his sniper rifle. Soon the bodies start falling and the killer doesn't stop at the gun, knives will slice as well.
It's great to watch a film that has you go "Damn!" within the first five minutes. Now while their trying to chill and enjoy each others company a young boy knocks on the door stating that his parents are out- can he stay with them? I would of said you better go find another stinkin babysitter brat!   
I will admit I would of liked it a lot better if they didn't add one particular element but I can't tell or it will ruin the film for you. Let's just say that sometime's a single answer is better than a dual one. The film is totally worth viewing with a few unexpected jumps that give you heart a little boost.  

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