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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trilogy of Blood

Directed by- Charlie Ruckus and Rick Kelley
27 Minutes
Release Date 2011
I posted as my facebook status last night that I was getting ready to do my review of the horror flick Trilogy of Blood and a fellow reviewer said it was so bad he decided not to even review it. So I think to myself what the hell is wrong with me since I kinda enjoyed the crazy 62 dollar budget of a horror film?
So here we have Marilyn (Brenna Lee Roth), Connie, and Sherry who are all taking a little road trip and do the one thing everyone always warns you never to do and that's pick up a damn hitch hiker. Sherry is pissed and doesn't want the freak in her car so she tells them if he touches her she kicking their asses! She says it a couple times and cracks me up- I really liked her character .
They are invited by their passenger to a barn dance that will be a total blast with plenty of food and beer. Marilyn convinces the girls to stop and get a bite and a brewsky and it soon turns out the free food might just be them. I guess Connie and Marilyn were in the mood to flirt with the boys and it turns out to be a bad move.
Once they get started the blood continuously flows and cannibals munch up on all the new meat! The film was totally thought up by the DEAD NEKS founder/singer Joey "Fangface" Broy a few years back and it looks like it all fell into place nicely. Word on the street is there's another one on the way....


  1. worst "movie" ever. My six year old comes up with better shit on his DS animation program.

  2. I really enjoyed this one too! Awesome flick!