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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wisconsin Project X

OK, Wisconsin Project X was unbelievably cool and I recommend it to anyone who likes/ loves zombies! The film takes place in the very small town of Wisconsinville, Montana when a scientist named Dr. Winston is feverishly working on a new experiment that of course goes horribly wrong.
Dumb ass was trying to develop a new type of preservative for the booming snack cake industry and accidentally creates this artificial living organism that turns people into humanoids so now the town is crawling with them. The few smart ones band together and get ready for a bloody showdown.
The thing I like the best was the little differences like the special effects for instance they were fucking cool as hell and I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. It totally works for the film and just might have you saying that was pretty damn cool! I couldn't tell you the technicalities of it all since I know nothing about that department!
You just have to take a peek, I mean if you end up not liking it all you gotta do is shut the darn TV off. Seriously if you like the zombies, this film will have you whooping it up while inspiring you to make you own horror flick. Budgets are tight at times but creativity seems to overflow in this one.

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