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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strangers Online

Not rated
106 Minutes
The sexy voiced Hollis Parker is the host of a radio/web nightly program called Strangers Online that certainly proves that the freaks definitely come out at night.These strangers come in all shapes. races and with some weird ass fetishes. It's like the Jerry Springer circus of the night time world. 
A cute blond named Karen is hired as the new intern for the station and it seems she harbors a crush on the Latin host and starts with sneaking glances until finally getting him to her place where of course she gets into his pants. He immediately wishes it never happened and goes home to scrub himself raw with regret.

Karen does not care in the least that Hollis is seriously involved with a woman and will do whatever it takes to get her man. Then there's the weird peeping tom neighbor Zeke, could he be a threat to the couple as well? Everyone seems to think Hollis murdered his ex-wife and people even come on his show re-enacting the death.
Strangers Online does keep you guessing and leaves you interested in the plot. The acting goes smooth and the two main characters have awesome chemistry so there's no stiff awkward sex scenes to endure- it's all smooth sailing. Now as sex talk host Hollis' life run's reckless will he ever be able repair it and just move on?

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