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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bloodlust Zombies

80 Minutes
Release Date: 7/5/2011
Directed by: Dan Lantz
Bloodlust Zombies is one of the funniest zombie flicks I've seen in awhile, I was actually disappointed when it was over. Adult film star Alexis Texas who has been in such movie as Swap Meat, Ass Trap, Pornstar Work Out and Self Service stars. She is cute as hell and eventually one zombie slashing bitch! 
Zlantoff Industries have been developing a formula designed for the purpose of having the military's enemies turn into raving maniacs who will rip each other apart. A false alarm has the compound on lock down and no one can leave till the situation it cleared. Then a lab cat turns the situation around and soon members of the plant are raging zombies.

I absolutely adored the character Darren, he cracked my ass up! He was witty and always had something to say. The head of the project Judy was an older woman whose husband was killed in the military so this virus is her baby. The old coot that owns the whole plant is Bobby lee and Andrea is his trusty "suck"retary.

I was just looking up a character's name since I lost my notes and read a very unflattering review for the film. Don't listen to it- take a chance and check it out. Yes it's low budget, campy, and little drawn out at times but over all it's a pretty damn cool zombie flick! It's corny as hell and that's what makes it a smash!

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