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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Directed by Abel Berry
David is a total down on his luck paranormal investigator who is on his way to a house that is said to be clearly haunted and might finally put them on the map. He carries a picture of his son who he stares at wistfully clearly missing him very much. He arrives at the house and runs into the country hick named Jasper (Abel Berry) who offers him a brew and then quietly disappears...was he a ghost?  
The story behind it all is of a little girl named Kodie who found her comfort in a teddy bear but even he could save her from the curse that ugly old decrepit witch put on her that just so happened to turn her into a flesh eating monster. Kodie is actually dressed in a huge teddy bear suit but trust me she ain't cute and cuddly!
There is plenty of comically parts in the film as well, like the two separate ghost hunting teams have the names
S.H.A.G.G. and S.H.A.T.T. and a total doucer who is such an ass you laugh at him. The creepy and perfect looking witch is played by one of my favs Alan Rowe Kelly while Jayson Champion plays wistful David.    
Kodie will deliver a few giggles and a cool storyline that you just might enjoy with a box of juju bees or some chicken wings to chomp on like Kodie (Jennifer Michelle Stone) chomps on those scrumptious bodies! Hey it all tastes like chicken right? Independent films need love to peeps always remember that!

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