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Thursday, May 19, 2011

V4-Water Vamps (a young adult novella)

COPYRIGHT 2010 Xlibris Corporation
Author G.L. Giles
ISBN: 978-1-4535-8950-2  softcover
Here you thought being a regular old teenager was hard enough, just imagine all the complications if you were a water vamp! If you are a teen in need of a refreshing storyline then G.L. Giles V4- Water Vamps is the one for you. It's definitely not your normal typical teenage drama in this book- nope it involves the glorious yet extremely dangerous creatures that Giles has created called the water vamps. Her indepth descriptions have you picturing the way they look as you read about the background of them. Then there is Robyn who is haunted in her dreams by a vampiress, and Marion who becomes her guardian. This is definitely not 16 and pregnant material but you will becomed hooked like a fish on the end of the vamps gleaming trident!

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