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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Remarkable Power

Jack West is the host for a spectacular late night talk show for 15 years running but now producers are ready to pull the plug. To make matters worse his beautiful wife is having an affair with a young buck of a baseball player who is actually married with a family. Talk about getting the seriously short end of the stick. This man’s life is falling apart.

Then there’s Ross who is a cute stoner who constantly watches this infomercial that guarantees success in his life and really believes it will help him get his act together and he will live happily ever after. One day Ross is walking down the street and see’s Preston from the self help video and approaches him. They head upstairs to Preston’s apartment and an accident happens that leaves Ross reeling.

Then there’s the private eye Van Hagen that was hired by Jake West to get proof of his wife’s indiscretions. Van is played by Tom Arnold and sits in his van staking out his clients and talking to himself and seems to really enjoy his job. One night he meets Athena and discovers her morbid job of photographing dead people.

Now Jack knows for sure that his wife Cynthia is screwing famous ball thrower Doug Wade, he concocts his own huge media stunt that will leave viewers of his show speechless. Can he get away with his scheme or will it somehow be foiled? Remarkable Power is a movie that will pull your eyes to the screen in amusement while loving Jack’s sweet revenge.

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