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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooke Lemke's two short films

A Broken Family

A nervous groom stands waiting at the altar for his bride to be to come sweeping down the isle with breath taking beauty that will steal his breath away. A stern looking man comes up and whispers to the bridesmaid who leaves the room to look for the bride and find out what is going on and why isn’t she out there next to her eager groom. Her sister and her fiancee find Michelle and the converation they have will change all of their lives forever.

Young Eyes

Society today just seems to press the idea that women should look a certain way into everybodys heads, and it’s unfair. Everywhere you look there are billboards with glamorous thin women pouting down at you or shows on TV stating how marvelous these ladies are when in reality most of them are thin from stress, drugs, eating disorders but some actually just have good luck. You grow up thinking that if you aren’t a pin sized blond with double D breasts that your not beautiful or worthy. In this short two young girls are feeling the toll of being fed how we women should look

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  1. Awesome Kristin! I love reading all your stuff! Take care! ~ChuKKer~