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Monday, February 1, 2010

Every girl dreams of going to her prom. From what she is going to where, how her make up will be and where will her hot date be taking her afterwards. Well how would you feel if your date and their friends brought you to an old abandoned house in the middle of an out of the way orchard to scare you with tales of an urban legend?

I would be pissed! Especially when I had to walk thru the dirt and mud in my nice heels- I mean all of that primping and finally putting on the dress you took such care in buying only to go sit in some dirty old house while your date tried to scare it off of you. Not cool! Do they really think that is the way to go? A girl doesn’t get in the mood by being spooked.

Ella deep down is sweating the possibility of getting caught since her over protective father dropped her off at the dance with high hopes for her and her evening. Jennifer Tilly plays their teacher Miss Perry who seems to like those young high school boys. By the end of the night there might not be any boys left for her to play with.

Soon the game shifts and the urban legend himself turns up with the straw hat and flannel shirt and creates some real scares killing whoever he can get hands on. Will any of these girls survive to go home and try to get the blood stains out of their dresses? Or will they all be left dead at the orchard and used as human compost?

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