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Friday, November 26, 2010

Killjoy 3

I'll be up front and honest with you- I actually did not see the previous two Kill Joy flicks but the third installment in the series was very entertaining. Kill Joy 3 can hold the interest of the seasoned horror
fan because of it comical comments and behaviors of the four very evil clowns. If you have a phobia of clowns, don't even look at the DVD cover cause Kill Joy is creepy!

Apparently in the first films the Professor summoned the demonic clown and he brought along a few other face painted friends for the bloody fun and games. Well the Professor weasels out of the deal by leaving them and they are sent back inside of the magic mirror where they must bait him with something to force him into their carnival of carnage- so they use four kids that are house sitting at his place.

Punchy the hobo takes some huge jabs at big Zilla the football player when he gets sucked into the mirror that makes him think getting tackled is a lot easier to handle than those hard hitting fists. Batty Boop was my favorite, she was a demonic clown succubus who is Kill Joys main squeeze. Now the mirror has finally brought them all together to battle it out until the gruesome end.

I loved all of the fun that was had in this one folks, I now have to see the first two so I can see what other kind of hi-jinks this bad clown has pulled on other people. If your a Charles Band fan you'll be pretty pleased with the product. If your not, try it on for size anyway you never know- you could become the next Killjoy fan like myself.

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