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Sunday, March 22, 2009


A young lady and man sit at a table in a restaurant making idle chatter as they get to know one another. The girl is Isabel and seems to be nervous and distracted while Ben seems to be interested and taking her in. They talk of their likes and dislikes while Isabel tries to show him her salt trick. After they finish their dinner of spaghetti they walk around the city getting to know each other.

Sitting on a bench on a crowded street she asks Ben about his Myspace page and if he is married like it says on his profile. He says no, and explains why it’s check off as that. He asks her the same question and after beating around the bush for a bit she admits she is married and you can read the disappointment in Ben’s eyes. They talk and walk some more and then go their separate ways.

They decide to keep talking a build a pretty close friendship where as you watch you wonder if they will cross that line and become involved. Ben makes movies and tells her she is perfect for his next film. She thinks she might become involved. After watching them you think they would be the perfect couple if they got together…but will they? Will adultery become part of this friendships equation?

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