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Sunday, March 1, 2009

November Son

Two years ago an obsessive gay love triangle came to a head and not only destroyed three men’s lives but it shocked everyone around them. Emily Hamilton played by Judith O’Dea is grieving the loss of her son and the way she treated him right before he died. Everyday this woman has to get up and remember just how rotten she really was to Elliot. It’s just so hard for an old horse to learn new tricks.

Openly gay and proud of it Eli ends up moving into the apartment that two of the victims previously shared. I think he feels it’s negative energy as soon as he steps foot inside but he likes the place and decides to rent it. George, Eli’s father is fresh out of prison and starts to date Nancy who is played by Brinke Stevens. Nancy is hip to the whole gay thing so she just misses her son immensely.

Nancy starts to think that maybe George is more than a disappointed father at Eli being gay. She starts to believe that maybe he likes men as well. George doesn’t take that suggestion too kindly and they have a huge fight. One thing I was surprised to learn was that this film was a sequel to a film October Moon. But don’t worry if you have never seen it like myself, you don’t need to.
But you might want to after seeing this!

All of the people in Eli’s life seem to be fucked up in some way or another so when Emily hires him and then starts to treat him as her lost son. I guess she thinks from doing this she is making up for what she put her son thru. Suddenly people start dying in torturous ways and you try to figure it out…but can you?

3 outta 5 slashes

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