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Monday, March 30, 2009

Children of the Grave

An experiment gone wrong turns two medical workers and their test subject into flesh eating zombies that escape the building to go wreak havoc in the beautiful country side. A group of teens head out to a graveyard to hang out and party. What should of been a day filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll turns into one messy blood fest. These zombies are starved and ready to tear into limbs and brains! If you can’t read you will have to just guess at what they are saying because it is a Russian film. The subtitles didn’t bother me a bit and all of the blood makes up for it trust me.

No sooner does the gang get there does these zombies show up and fuck up their plans. Luckily the little shack they are in is fully stocked with all kinds of things that could and can kick a zombies ass. Will anyone make it out of here without becoming some zombie’s sandwhich? What starts as three soon multiplys to many when the spilled blood of the living dead seeps into the ground and animates the dead people in the graves. All these kids need to remember is the golden rule of aim for the brain! Children of the Grave is a fun watch and goes out of it’s way to shed some serious redness!

3 outta 5 slashes

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