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Saturday, April 11, 2009

October Moon

Elliot Hamilton seems to be doing great in his relationship and in the middle of planning out his wedding to his long time girlfriend Marty. He is in need of a job so he goes on an interview and is hired by Corrin’s company. He is Corrin’s personal assistant and works closely with him on projects. Now Corrin is a hot, but gay guy in a relationship with a younger man Jake.

Corrin and Jake’s relationship seems to be in a standstill. Jake stays out late partying with his friends and seems to always forget that Corrin is waiting for him at home. He misses the dinners they have planned and just seems a little distant towards Corrin. At work a distraught Corrin confides in Nancy about his relationship woes and listens to her advice since they are extremely close knit friends.

Nancy also notices that Elliot is infatuated with Corrin but he insists he is not gay. Elliot actually has some pent up sexual feelings that he is afraid to let loose since his mother would disown him if she ever found out the truth. The more Elliot hangs out with Corrin the more evident it becomes that he has a crush on him. Soon his crush becomes an obsession that just might prove deadly.

The movie actually is a prequel to another movie I reviewed from Jason Paul Collum called November’s Son. I like that one so much that I begged to review October Moon. The drama and raw feeling in this film is intense, it had me cringing in embarrassment at times and filled with emotion at others! If you can handle men being in love this movie is a great find

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