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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dark Secrets

A famous wealthy couple wake up one gorgeous morning and their whole world shatters, their daughter Dallas has been kidnapped. Detective Jack Farrell is brought into the case to help search for who could of possibly kidnapped the beautiful blonde haired Dallas. At the house there doesn’t seem to be a single clue as to who could have done the dirty deed.

Detective Farrell worked a case before of another missing little girl named Alice who also disappeared and completely haunted him. Dallas’ parents are Darryl and Lori Van Dyke, both are celebrities which make this a high profile case. Darryl is a race car driver and Lori is a well known soap opera actress. Don’t you think it is sort of strange that since both parents are extremely wealthy there isn’t someone calling with a ransom request?

You’d think someone would be trying to squeeze some dough out of them. Weird. Instead there’s no ransom note, no phone call, no nothing! Could it be the annoying creepy journalist that hovers closely around always taking pictures trying to salvage a story? He taunts Jack Farrell about his past drinking problem and almost ends up with a foot embedded in his ass.

Old and new memories of these child kidnapping cases constantly swirl thru poor Jacks head slowly driving him insane and more determined than ever to solve his current case. Do you think it’s possible that little Dallas is still alive? Another strange thing is the lack of worry of these parents, I wouldn’t be able to function if my child was kidnapped. Dark Secrets brings terror to those who seek the truth.

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