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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mental Scars

Sometime’s things that happen to you as a child can permanently mess you up and possibly leave you with mental scars. The story here is about an old junkyard called Taggart’s Automotive that is now owned by Lanucci Development, and they plan to make it into a parking lot. The previous owners Betty and Gus Taggart used to live in the old house on the property with their kids.

One day they get an eviction notice on their door and are distraught to think that they are going to lose everything. The Taggart’s one son David had some severe mental illness that made him so much different from his brother Joshua. Joshua constantly tormented his older brother in any way he could find. David was bigger than his brother and should of just beat his ass but maybe he didn’t quite have the mentality to hurt family.

Dedra Lanucci is the cut throat head bitch at Lanucci Development and will bite your head off in a second! Kennedy Smith is the accountant for the company that accidentally finds out the junkyards torrid past thru a gossiping neighbor walking her dog, and believe me the terror goes way back beyond the Taggart’s! You will watch this film and see David Taggart creeping thru the junkyard with his knife poised.

He will prey on anyone who steps foot in the junkyard and you can tell it’s him because of that signature way he nervously plays with his bloody hair. If you head over to the films website you can check out photos from the film as well as merchandise. They have a really cool David doll that will be out soon, wonder if they will hook me up with a discount? Check out the trailer below.


3 outta 5 slashes

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