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Monday, March 16, 2009

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut- Official release in April

Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut – official release coming in April!

Happy Cloud Pictures is pleased to announce that its fourth feature, Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut will celebrate its official DVD release in April, 2009. As detailed in Fangoria Magazine, Splatter Movie is surreal and off-beat “documentary” about the making of a slasher movie called “Tessaract” (which, in turn, is about a group of filmmakers shooting a movie called “Splatter Movie”) whose cast and crew is being stalked by a killer masquerading as the film’s fictional killer. Written by Mike Watt and directed by and starring Amy Lynn Best, Splatter Movie quickly spirals into bizarre territory as the line between film and reality blurs—then disappears entirely!

Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut stars Tom (The Evil Dead) Sullivan, Debbie (Nowhere Man) Rochon, Sofiya (A Feast of Flesh) Smirnova, Elske (Poultrygeist) McCain, Rachelle (Jess Franco’s Take-Away Spirit) and Nikki (Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation) McCrae. The movie features the song “Spot the Psycho” by Cornbugs, featuring vocals by Choptop (aka Bill (Repo: The Genetic Opera) Moseley).

The official DVD release comes loaded with a companion film, deleted scenes and more. This release also marks the debut of Happy Cloud Pictures’ own distribution arm, bringing the DVD straight to the consumer and eliminating the red tape. The M.S.R. for Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut is $19.95, but to commemorate the event, HCP is offering $10 off the official copy to anyone who bought the previous “work-in-progress” DVD-R release online or at past conventions.

To coincide with this auspicious release, Happy Cloud Pictures will also release a companion screenplay annotated and illustrated, available separately, detailed with numerous behind-the-scenes photos and details about the production from Best and Watt. This handsome collector’s book will be available for a limited time and offered autographed through the HCP website at – For more information, please visit the site.

To arrange interviews with the principals, please contact us at
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