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Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is a 100% not my type of a flick but I really enjoyed Stormforce. Rick Symons is a maverick Army diver who seems to have an ample amount of experience but always seems to press peoples buttons no matter where he goes. While on a top brass military reception he takes things just a little too far and his commanding officer has no other choice but to send him over to the Airforces 40th search and rescue mission.

So now Rick is part of the Sea King helicopter rescue crew and he realizes that Alex the teams medic is the woman he humiliated at the military reception. She asks him why he looks so familiar but he denies ever meeting her. Later on she figures it all out and her feisty attitude has her trying to outwit him time and time again. I don't know how she does it but this woman is extremely brave and big hearted.

Watching these people do their job is exciting at times and sad at others. It must be a hell of a feeling to be credited for saving someone's life. I wouldn't even be able to handle the helicopter ride let alone being lowered into the needed situation on that's crazy. Near the end of the film my DVD got stuck and I couldn't stand not knowing the outcome of that frantic dangerous mission.

I would recommend Stormforce for anyone who wants to have an exciting watch along with some drama! So just as Rick is ready to leave all of this behind a distress call comes in that a ship is on fire and they need to evacuate it before it goes under. Take a chance on it, I did and it was well worth it. It made me realize I need to expand my horizon's when it comes to seeing different types of movies!

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