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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Slices- The Movie

Slices- The Movie is a series of five separate films that all come together in the end. A man with what seems like insomnia is plopped on the couch watching late night TV titled Theatre of the Macabre with a peculiar horror host named Professor Lucious Phibes. He introduces us to the first film on the menu called The Exterminator. Here a nasty executive gets his just deserts when he is kidnapped and tortured in the veins of films like Hostel or Saw.

The next film on Professor Lucious’ list is Dead Letters and in it a very popular author named Ash can’t seem get over his ex wife who has passed away. He is pining at her grave when his agent Tyler comes and tells him he needs to move on and get his ass back to writing best selling novels. Tyler also thinks he can get him a pretty nice book deal. When he comes to Ash’s house for dinner, really sees how hung up the old man really is!

My favorite one outta the bunch was the next called Night Screams. Here two couples head out to what they think will be a sex filled party type of situation until there is a knock on the door and Sandra shows up to sink her teeth into the situation. The Range had the whole western 1880’s theme with three Confederate soldiers on the run from the law. After they meet up with skin ripping zombies they’ll wish they just nested up behind those jail cell bars!

The final show on Professor Phibes list is The Turn Out where a guy and his girl are led out to this romantic spot by a friend so he can drop on one knee and ask the love of his life to marry him. So when they get there the friend wanders off to give the two lovebirds some privacy. Well too bad they didn’t notice the old dirty man lurking in the woods. Now he has the couple in his grips, will they manage to escape or will that wedding never come to be?

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