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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hot Blood Sundae

Hot Blood Sundae is the new horror/comedy that stars Internet sensation Bobbi Bilard, Akira Lane, Gelussa Zaripova, Joanna Hernandez. Directed By Jon Darbone and Produced By Trevor Veilleux, Hot Blood Sundae deals with a newly changed ice cream shop that went from boring and scarcely making it into an full booming adult aimed business.

Now the girls are called the Scopettes and they all wear flimsy little outfits so when they wait on the customer their thongs are all up in their drooling faces. If you like reality TV then you’ll definitely recognize the Sherif’s sexy female partner as Cocktail from the MTV series For the Love of Ray Jay and she was also on Season 1 of Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club.

The ingredients that make this film roll are ice cream, big boobs, and lots of blood – Oh did I mention big boobs? Unfortunately for the girls someone is not liking the fact that their sexy images are selling the goods . One day a Scopette named Paula is found dead and bloated in the freezer. Will this horrible incident hurt business? Hell no! People seem to want ice cream even more now.

So now the mystery begins, who is offing all the hotties? Could it be the nasty bum who came in with some spare change and waxed one on and off while waiting for his order? Or is it the boss’s wife who is not liking this whole Scopette thing? All we know is that if the killer isn’t caught soon there will be no hot babes to sell the ice cream!

So pop Hot Blood Sundae in and plop on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream and see what kind of trouble this killer is causing. Now the ice cream just seems to be even tastier than usual and perhaps just a smidge more red… Hmm I wonder why? Just hope you don’t lick that first layer off and find a stringy eyeball or who the hell else knows what

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