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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Serial: Amoral Uprising

It’s sad to see how a mother’s influence can truly rotten a child’s soul and Kevin Jamison’s Serial Amoral Uprising shows just that. Trenton Bracks had to deal with a cold hearted bitch of a drugged out alcoholic mother who honestly didn’t want anything to do with him unless it was to hurl insults and rip his self esteem to shreds.

It’s a shame that his father was so docile and didn’t do something about her obnoxious behavior, it might of helped. Trenton’s psyche and self worth might of survived. I guess after all that mental demeaning the poor kid was destined to be bad, she totally stole the boys innocence. So now Trenton is getting out of his confinement and he is picked up by his buddy Porter and they head off to local bar to let off some steam.

The film shows why Trenton is the way he is and who could really blame the guy for being the woman hater he is, the treatment he received was something no child should ever have to endure. There are scenes of the bloodied bodies he had left along the highway but not many showing him doing it. But that’s ok since starting in 2010 they are starting to shoot a longer more detailed film.

Kevin Jamison has a knack for getting you emotionally involved with the characters, I mean you want to shelter Trenton and you want to butcher his bitch of a mother. Serial Amoral Uprising is the budding of a man that will not compromise his feelings for anyone, not even his best friend. I look forward to seeing how the feature length film turns out.

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