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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Witches Hammer

What would you do if you lost your husband and son because you died. Well here’s the tricky part because otherwise you wouldn’t even feel a loss, Rebecca was turned into this ultimate vampire. When she firsts awakens she is confused and doesn’t know what she is. They stick a glass of water and another glass of blood in front of her…hmmm, what do you think she chooses?

Rebecca is living this life now and goes thru extensive training to turn her into this assassin and even though she’s a vampire she has learned to kill them and she is sent on her first mission. She ends up wounded and captured by two witches who want her to pull off a job for them. They really leave her no choice but to say yes and go along with it.

Can Rebecca put her disdain for witches aside and concentrate on her mission and the important matters at hand? It seems like Rebecca just might be doing all this work for some underlying ulterior motive but what could it be? Maybe she should of just killed those witches the moment she met them but she was strapped down to the chair.

Will this vampire killer be able to with stand all these battles and come out at the top of the pile? Or will someone succeed in putting that wooden stake thru her heart? This is not possible because she needs to stop the almighty Hugo from performing the ancient ceremony or the earth shall forever pass into the realm of darkness.

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