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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Truth

Sometime's people like to hide who they really are from others and every now and then it creeps back up and bites them on the ass. How would you feel if you found out your husband or wife really wasn't who they said they were or who they pretended to be? Would you forgive and forget? Or would you be mad as hell and walk away?

A married couple, Jonathan and Dana Davenport return from a night out and soon they are being awakened by an intruder in their home. It at first seems like your average home robbery until the the intruder Gabriel begins to play head games with the pair. He eggs on Jonathan by telling him that Dana isn't who she really seems and her real name is Christine.

Does she really know this man? Who should her hubby trust? Could this crazy demented Gabriel be just mind fucking him or is his wife really this creature he is making her out to be? Tension is thick and tempers flare but who will prevail in the final moment of this never ending fright night? Is Christine the low life Dana or is it all just a cruel joke?

The Truth proves the whole theory of "All you know about me is what I sold ya" meaning when you meet someone you usually take heed in who they say they are and how they say they feel. In reality how do you really know they are being upfront and honest? You don't. You just have to go by your gut and if you really believe that what they're telling you is the truth.

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