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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I can't imagine having to deliver a stillborn baby, it has to be one of the most traumatizing things for a woman to go thru and poor Kate recently has. Devastated by loss, her and her husband John decide to adopt a child and love her as much as they would their own. When they go to the Orphanage they cross paths with the charming Esther who just seems to know all the right things to say.

They decide to adopt her and bring her home to meet Daniel and younger sister Max who is deaf. Max and Esther quickly bond while Daniel is totally leery of her. Esther is just one of those just to good to be true cases since she is evil and rotten to the core. At school she doesn't socially fit in and at home is the place for her to fester while she paints or plots her next move.

All of the sudden kids are getting hurt, people have died and little clues start to lead you to the monster that resides inside of her. Esther makes the movies The Good Son, and Joshua seem tame in comparison.The build up in this movie is intense and then all comes together like the snow at the top of the hill that quickly rolls down turning into this massive ball on the way.

Kate knows that Esther is crazy but can't seem to convince John no matter how hard she tries. Will this poor family survive the terror that this little girl so easily inflicts? The story here is steady and strong with a twist that makes you think about how you didn't pick this up somehow sooner? But you probably never would of guessed anyway because it fits in so perfectly.

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