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Sunday, October 25, 2009


OMG! If you want to watch Hanger you better bring your own barf bag, it’s one of the most over the top disgusting films I have seen in a long time. In it Rose (Debbie Rochon) is a pregnant hooker who’s pimp wanted her to abort that unborn baby since it was bad for business and would make her a fat pig. Her pimp Leroy shows up wanting his money and tells her she better get it soon or else she’s gonna be beat.

The one man that seems to care for her is one of her customers who also turns out to be the baby’s daddy. Leroy catches Rose trying to leave town and grabs a shiny coat hanger and shoves it deep inside of her causing the baby to abort itself. You get a full frontal shot of this up close and personal and it was so gross it made my own womanly insides cringe at the thought of that being done to my uterus. I think I threw up a little in my mouth watching!

Then it’s eighteen years later and Hanger is all grown up and deformed and goes to live with his daddy. He gets a job with a bunch of other freaks in this scrap yard kind of place and makes a friend with the scary looking Chinese guy named Russell who has a bloody used tampon fetish. The other guy at work is a total jerk and tells Hanger he is just a bottom feeder so get used to it.

Well this guy one day dresses up like Santa and delivers Hanger and Russell a pizza.
Here that Pizza was laced with drugs that knocked them out and the guy rapes both of them. When he rams Hanger he pushes plenty of fecal material out that smushes all over him and the guys penis like melted chocolate in the hot sun. I was totally skeeved so the scene definitely achieved what it aimed to. Hanger is ready to avenge his mom’s death along with his father so Leroy better watch out. Can these two make this bastard pay for what he has done? Or will Leroy get the upper hand and off them both?

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