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Sunday, October 25, 2009

God of Vampires

God of Vampires started with a blow out murder suicide, what’s a better way to start than that? Here we have the professional killer Frank Ng who has been contacted by a weird little bald man to kill a Chinese crime lord. He goes in thinking this will be just like any other job and that he’ll ace it and then be on his way but this guys got a secret, he’s a vampire.

So now the hitman is in a weird situation and feels like the prey instead of being the one in charge. These vampires are a little different from the normal vamps and leave everyone around them a bloody mess of nothingness. These guys are no joke and go after anyone that Frank Ng knows or comes into contact with. They have the scent of hunting dogs.

So knowing that his hitman skills just won’t be all that will do the trick to extinguish these cold blooded killers with fangs, he gets the help of a Chinese man who knows all of the tricks of the trade on ancient Chinese lore. They slash thru many vampires on their way to kill the main one who is the deadliest of them all and might just take their lives from them.

God of Vampires have plenty of blood and gore along with many fighting scenes to amp you up for the finale of Frank and the God of Vampires himself. Can he finish this intense creature off without being killed or turned into a vamp himself? Or will Frank become a distant memory of a hitman the used to be the best around town?

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