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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Albino Farm

Albino Farm is another film about an urban legend with a bunch of freaky inbred misfits that love to grab a hold of the tourists and perhaps eat them for dinner. For a project, four college students are out in the Ozark Mountain town when they start to discuss this local legend. The town also has a century old group of religious fanatics.

Well It seems that the kids get kinda off the project and more into the town legend as they go along. Naturally curiosity gets at them and they decide they just have to go off and explore in those woods for the freaks themselves. If they were smart they would of stuck with just listening to all the horrible stories instead of trying to actually relive it.

Now creeping around they have to face some real life horrors of the most disturbing kind. Body parts are placed in spots and you have to wonder do they like to gnaw on them for a treat? Can these kids escape their terrible fate with maybe some minor cuts and bruises? Or will they end up being a part of some inbreds diet?

I think scariest thing in the whole movie was Bianca Barnett’s character pig bitch. Now she was some inbred looking animal with a pig face and a seemingly a strong sexual appetite. I wouldn’t want to bump into her ass anywhere! Yuk, I was amazed at how well she seemed to skeeve me out in the very short time she was on film.

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