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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dislocated Thoughts- Poems by Reyna Young

Dislocated Thoughts- Reyna Young

Last Doorway Productions

I love to read poetry. You can really tell alot about the person writing it when you get deep into their very personal experiences. Reyna Young's Dislocated Thoughts allow you a quick peek into the mind of a very talented woman. Her writings seem to truly express some of the dark and sad moments she must of been going thru at the time of putting the pen to paper. Reyna has been writing poems and short stories every since she could put the pencil in her fingers and has kept going ever since. Dislocated Thoughts expresses so easily what most of us feel but can never say quite say. Get ready to hear a lot more of Miss Young as she plows her way thru the horror industry leaving her claw marks along the way!

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