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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Evil Bong II: King Bong

King Bong is the follow up to Evil Bong starring Tommy Chong. The first film had a few special guests like The Gingerdead Man, Bill Mosely, and my personal favorite Ooga Booga from Doll Graveyard. If your curious or if you haven’t seen Evil Bong you can find my review here:

Charles Band is well known for his killer movies with kooky characters. Whether it be the dolls in the Puppetmaster series or Eebee the vintage powerful bong herself from Evil Bong. King Bong even has a quick intro so you get a quick feel of the first film, you know a little explanation on how it all began. Our trio of dedicated pot smokers are back Larnell, Brett, and of course Bachman… oh monkey! They are all still puffin away but only know each of them has a little problem.

It seems that ever since they smoked from that evil bong Eebee they all are having weird exaggerated side effects. Bachman keeps passing out cold and then not remembering that he did, Brett has the severe munchies and can’t stop stuffing food into his now mammoth mouth and Larnell has a weird sex drive where he’ll hump anything from people’s legs to chair arms. After getting Allistar to come over they devise a plan to figure out this whole mess.

Rabbit the delivery guy shows up and they now know they have to head to the Amazon where the bong originated. They meet Velicity and Larnell’s mean old grandpa there. Legend has it that the Poontang clan follow orders from the baddest of them all, King Bong. Now they all need to take a toke off of King Bong and travel inside his trip to destroy him. King Bong is also Eebee’s ex and she is pissed at all the bare breasted Poontang girls he now has worshipping him.

Will these stoners be able to handle King Bong’s plan for them all? Will they be seduced by the Poontang clan? Or will they head in there and get the job done? Will Brett remain a fat ass forever while Larnell will be stuck grinding on anything that he can straddle? You’ll all have to delve into your stoner mindset and find out for yourselves! King Bong has it’s laugh out loud moments as well as it’s so corny you can’t help but smile!

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