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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goth Kill

When I used to go out and cover shows for, I started to really see some kick ass metal chicks on the scene. There were The Metal Twins shaking their nice tails onstage with the likes of Static X and then there was Fuse’s own hottie Mistress Juliya who pretty much dominated the NYC underground scene. All of these women were truly inspiring and Juliya’s hotness graces us in Goth Kill.

Goth Kill was released thru Wild Eye Releasing and is the dark tale of Nicholas Dredd who disagreed with innocent victims being burned at the stake. He decdides he must do something about it but his superiors think otherwise and burn his ass at the stake. As his flesh scorches and sends the ashes of his soul amongst them he vows to return with the help from Satan himself to have his own kingdom.

We are then taken to the 21st century in NYC where Dredd has come back to finish up the deal. The thing is that in order for his end of the bargain to be granted he must kill 100,000 souls then he’ll finally have his wicked wish, and it doesn’t matter how many times it takes going back to life to get these bodies. A cutesy girl named Annie is moving into an apartment with her goth friend Kate.

Kate takes her shopping and sets on making this chick fit into the scene just as well as she does. A store worker hands Kate a pass to a club that is inhabited by the well known Scorpion Society. They are like this vampire clan of wanna be dark warriors. Will these people be able to handle Dredd when he gets there and gives them all a taste of the real thing? You just have to pop this in to see, and check out DJ Demon she’s a total knock out!

3 Outta 5 Slashes

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