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Monday, July 6, 2009

Rough Cut Article

Would you kill to make a movie? The scary thing is, two independent filmmakers did. In January 2003 a woman was found beaten, strangled, and stabbed in her Pennsylvania home. 8 months earlier, an independent horror film was shot on the nearby Appalachian Trail. Rough Cut is a feature length documentary that explores the twisted true tale of two first-time filmmakers who had a dream of making a horror movie and the bizarre events that followed.

Blaine Norris decided he wanted to make a horror film. He didn't really have much cash and only one actress that was experienced and had already made a name for herself and that was Robin Griggs. Robin was from Scranton PA and starting acting at the tender age of three. She ended up moving to New York to appear in Annie. She got an agent and was cast on One Life To Live and then later on Another World. She left the soaps and now has become a female fixture in Horror movies.

Girggs was injured and broke her wrist so she had to drop out of Through Hike, the film Norris was counting on her name to get it some exposure. Here are the events that led up to the gruesome discovery that Blaine had actually committed murder for his film:

At 8:29 p.m. on January 10, 2003 police in Camp Hill, PA received a frantic 911 call from Brian Trimble. He had just returned home from dinner with a friend and found his wife, Randi, in a pool of blood on the garage floor.

Before the brutal murder occurred, the house looked as though it was burglarized. Suspicions immediately arose in the seasoned detectives investigating the case. Evidence pointed towards the husband, but his alibi was airtight.

For the next 9 months detectives and law enforcement officials used every tool at their disposal to solve this truly bizarre crime.

Randi's husband Brian was friends with Blaine. Randi didn't link the idea of him loaning out his expensive equipment or even being involved with the film.

If the couple were having problems why not just divorce? Why on earth did Brian feel that murder was the better way to go.

Watch the film/ documentary and see why this man did what he did. Randi didn't deserve to die because of her husband wanting to get a divorce or for the future of the film Through Hike!

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