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Monday, August 3, 2009

Flying By

Sometimes in life you make choices that you later grow to regret. In Flying By, George who is played by Billy Ray Cyrus seems to have fallen into this category perfectly. When George was young he loved to play music with his friends. They even had their own band and would practice in his garage. His father hated the racket and never offered him any kind of encouragement.

Now it's later on in life an George has a family of his own. He still holds a great love for music that seems to have been passed down to his daughter Ellie. His pretty blond wife Pamela is played by Heather Locklear who doesn't have any remote interest in music. She seems to like the finer things in life but also seems a little cold towards George.

When he goes to his High School Reunion alone and he is reconnected to his musical past she becomes disgusted and embarrassed that he wants to play gigs at his age. Now his old band has reunited about five years prior and want George to join them again. Will he chose his passion over his wife? Or will he decline and remain miserable with the nagging thought of -I should of done it feeling?

I thought it would of been more of a heart felt film but it wasn't. It just seemed to be a little bland for my liking. Are they making this so that Billy Ray Cyrus can try and jump start his musical career since he was only a one hit wonder and his daughter is already a teen legend? It wasn't a horrible watch but it had way too much of the band and not enough family.

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