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Monday, June 1, 2009

Blood Wars

90 MinutesDirected by: Tom Shell

Tony Todd plays Julien, the leader a vampire in a coven that has been around for decades. The coven has an ongoing fight with the Centrys that roam amongst the earth with a vengeance for vampire blood, they wish they could exterminate them completely- it just is not as easy as you would think it would be. Julien is ready to hand over the throne to who is deemed worthy.

Will, a hippie who usually keeps his head down and his mouth shut somehow manages to overcome his shyness and puts the moves on Goth Ashley’s friend Jayne. Will’s roomie Rico is kinda crushing on Ashley’s ass but she is going thru a rough break up with dickhead Darren who lives to bully anyone he can get his hands on. Darren has a little secret of his own and don’t get him mad enough to use it.

Will and Jayne are alone and attacked by Darren who plans on raping her and killing him. Things get out of control and instead Darren is the one who ends up depleted. Somehow Will is changing and he can’t figure out the cause. When reality sinks in can Will accept his fate or will he fight it tooth and nail to the end? See what side of the fence he lands on in this vampire comedy.

3 outta 5 Slashes

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