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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Release Date: December 11, 2012
105 Minutes
Directed by: John Johnson
I was a little apprehensive coming into John Johnson's Darken, I'm not even going to bullshit you. I have watched and reviewed a few of his films and they just weren't that great. Like Shadow Hunters, Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail and Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbor of the beast- I had to fight not to press fast forward.
Poor Roy Logan, every time he comes home from work as a bouncer and lays his weary head on the pillow he awakens from the same damn nightmare every night. In the dream he can feel himself beginning to die in the same way and place every single time. Is it a warning? A premonition perhaps to warn of bad things to come?
The movie will surprise you, it's a lot more interesting then you think. It's the classic story of Evil Vs. Good. But it's also this funky Fairytale where you'll meet a Doctor of the Supernatural, a woman named Rhea who seems to be more than she is letting on and villain you'll wanna kill yourself! 

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