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Sunday, October 6, 2013


10 minutes
Directed by: Rob Dimension
You've Been Robbed Films

The alarm goes off and Benjamin rolls over an lovingly covers up his mate who he thinks 
might be a little too cold. He gets up and goes thru his normal routine and heads off to the
train to get to work. He sits there and stares at her picture and is just so consumed with
want that he can't seem to get any work done. He carries around his work bag like his life depends  
on it, perhaps it's his emotional crutch just get thru the day?

Benjamin is very socially awkward and sticks out like a severed finger no matter where the
poor man goes. Two thugs catch wind of him at the bar hugging that bag and figure there has
to be something precious or valuable inside and chase his ass to steal it. A mishap allows
him to keep that bag and make his way home. Distraught and heavy hearted, he decides to just
go upstairs and silently lay with her- can you guess what might be in the bag?        

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