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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Assassin's Tale

Release Date: July 29, 2013
Directed by: Arthur Louis Fuller
92 Minutes

Director Arthur Louis Fuller scored a winner with his film Assassin's Tale- it will keep you enthralled
as well as giving a few laughs. Quick wit and quirky characters outline the film and he adds that personal touch that allows you to feel for the outcome of some of their fates. It focuses on three of the main assassins Grace, Anthony an Roman.

Each one struggles with some major issues in their private lives like drug addiction, wanting a normal life, or falling in love. Anthony is a complete mess and struggles daily in life with his addiction but has no interest in changing a thing. He figures this is the path he choose and he's going to stay on it up until the very end.

Grace is a ruthless bitch who you do not want to mess with, she'll beat on you and then kill your ass
with no regrets or questions asked. Grace's demon is she is tired of killing people and just wants to
settle down with the man she loves to have the whole white picket fence and popping out plenty of babies fantasy. Could she really life such a life?

Then there's Roman and Woody who just happen to me favorite two characters in the film with Grace following close behind. Roman is a smooth mofo who has a heart of gold and is a loyal man but the other half of him is a cold blooded murderer debating on getting out of the killing biz. Woody organizes it all he's the man to help you make that cash. Will anyone here get what they want?     


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