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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mother- A short film from Christine Parker

Directed by Christine Parker
22 Minutes
Sick Chick Flicks

Did you ever drive by those beautiful picturesque houses and wonder who might live there
or what goes on within those walls? I have. Amy is in high school and has a beast of a mother
who constantly degrades, insults and smacks her around. As soon as she walks in the door her
mom is on her ripping thru her book bag looking for things she shouldn't have. It's no secret
around the neighborhood of how bad her mother treats her. It's all stares and whispers for them
courtesy of all of the gossip.

She finds some comfort in her secret boyfriend Jeff who wants to be her knight in shining armor
so he tries to convince her to just leave and move in with him and family. Finally a night of
hell drives Amy to her breaking point and she bombards her mother with insults and soon it turns
psychical, but who will win? Can this poor teen survive another minute with the torture or will
she manage to escape in any way shape or form? Mother will hit home for those who know what it's
like to have a mom that doesn't give a shit...  

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