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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Return of Joe Rich

Release Date 8/13/2013
Directed by: Sam Auster
90 Minutes

The Return of Joe Rich from Director Sam Auster has to be one of the best flicks I have reviewed this year thus far! It's got a softy named Joe Neiderman who returns home to Chicago after his job and wife bails out on him. He decides he is ready to earn some real cash and has plans of asking his hard ass Uncle Dom for a job with him thru The Outfit- the mob with a new name.

Now Uncle Dom who is played by Armand Assante is by far my favorite character in the film- the man plays the sick, relentless cutthroat type of guy with ease. He is a crazy fuck who just made the story that much better. I don't know why but when I watch those Mob movies and they flip shit, it makes me laugh- like Sonny in The Godfather beating his sister's husband with the trashcan.

Now Joe decides since he is in, he should act and dress the part and watching him dance around with excitement while trying to learn a hard demeanor is comical as hell. So Uncle Dom caves and gives him a simple task to do for him and the results are hilarious and almost embarrassing. It ends up his friend has double the balls of him.

They drug uncle Dom and chain him up in the cooler room- which reminded me of Reservoir Dogs where the cop lost his ear- trying to break him down to agree to their plan. A unique part of the flick is that there is actual documentary footage of 10 real Chicago Mob Guys ages 73 to 89 that tell you some of the real experiences they had from their pasts. Great and fun film- pick it up!

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