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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Slip and Fall

Release Date: 2011
Directed by: Marc Colucci
90 Minutes

William Forsythe is in the house! I just finished up Slip and Fall from Director Marc Colucci
and I fucking loved it! I was giggling like a little school girl at the bold quirky ways of
this film. Danny Cuemdumpstier is in law school and has a bear of a teacher Dean Dickman who
continuously calls him cum dumpster purposely pretending to not know he is mispronouncing it.

Dan needs to come up with amazing amount of cash to finish up his last year in Law School or of
course he won't graduate and will lose his job at the firm where he now works. His crazy Russian
girlfriend Henryka loves the thought of him making money and is a total brute that slaps him around
the trailer he lives in with his grandmother while sexually manipulating him. .

Jerry (William Forsythe)his boss comes up with a scam for Danny to slip and fall down the campus steps so he can sue. Watching these two put the plan in action was ridicules and you can't help but laugh. After the hospital checks out his injuries Jerry takes him over to his crooked homo phobe  Lawyer Jimmy who is a straight up pig ad loves to brag of his freaky sexcapades. The expressions on wholesome Danny's face as he listens are priceless!

It's a funny but dirty humored film that you have to have the stomach for so prudes steer clear!
If you can handle all of the naughty nonsense you will blast thru this in no time. It's a situation
that spirals  outta control so fast it'll leave your head spinning. I would not of been able to deliver
half of my lines if it were me there trying to deliver them.

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