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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stalked at 17

Release date: 10-27-2012
Directed by: Doug Campbell
90 Minutes
also aired on Lifetime Television

Young love is just the sweetest thing... right? I mean you know how it is, the lust is
mistaken for love and they truly believe they'll be together forever and  hell nor
high water can rip them apart. In Doug Campbell's Stalked at 17 Angela is 16 and still in
High school but is on her way to bigger and better things in college.

On a walk thru campus Angela and her new friend Tenaya are approached by a few frat boys and soon they are headed to a wild party. Angela gets caught up with Chad and they head upstairs where
he charms the pants off of her. A few weeks later surprise- she's puking up lunch at school
and the EPT pregnancy stick lights up like a Christmas tree.   

As time goes on Chad lets his real persona out and it's angry, obsessive, controlling and mean.
Angela decides to keep the baby and finds out some secrets that Chad has kept from her and ends
up mind blown. Her parents are forbidding the relationship and Angela seems to be finally realizing
what a total mess he is. 

So one night Chad sneaks in and corners her in the kitchen with a gun and says he is taking the baby
and leaving - she's coming along whether she wants to or not! This situation can't end well, right?
So can Chad's  kidnapping them somehow complete his sick fantasy of finally having a complete family all of his own?

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