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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Release date: 10-1-2013
Directed by: Robert Cuffley
93 Minutes

Ah stars, they always need to have the perfectly crafted image to appeal to the masses or else
the jobs dwindle to nothing and no one wants to represent them. Leigh Parrish comes from a
small town and is the new sweetheart of TV with a squeaky clean image and a charismatic personality that just draws people in.  

Leigh travels back to wow her home state and generate more good publicity, but the thing is she has
a few secrets she doesn't want to come to light because if they did her career will more than likely
wind up snatched out from underneath her before she can even spell out cow. Her manager Callum Beck is all about making that cash and has big plans for her. 

So one night Leigh decides to take matters in to her own hands and goes to a club with the intention
of settling an old score. Sliding in unnoticed she heads upstairs for the confrontation that has been
4 years in the making. Things don't go quite as planned and things end up a little messy when a girl
Tess saves the day.

Tess is like an obsessed fan that knows everything about her, well she thinks she does anyway. Reasons for Leigh's paranoia are given and you understand her concern. Still how far would you go to keep your past away from the world?  Black mail?  Murder? Or would you say screw it and
just let it ride?

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