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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Attack of the Herbals

Release Date
Directed by: David Ryan Keith
81 Minutes
Horror/ Comedy

Ok, all of you stoners out there don't get all worked up by the title and think it's about weed it's's about an herbal tea that the turns people that drink it into zombies. Is it as corny as it sounds you ask, yup damn straight it is! Attack of the Herbals is just not going to be a crowd pleaser unless you like zombies that look like normal people or humor that just doesn't deliver.

A crate from Germany washes ashore in the little village of Lobster Cove filled with an addictive herbal tea that turns whoever drinks it into a zombie. Kind of a different concept but it just doesn't sit well as a film. Jackson has just returned home and is trying to get his old job back but it seems that everyone in town hates his guts and blames him for every single mishap.

I mean this guy is blamed for everything from failed businesses to just about anything else they can throw at him. Then there's Bennett who everyone brands a prick and be damned if he isn't one. Bennett just wants Jackson's grandparents to sell their Post office land to him so he build a huge money making Casino and bring in the idiot tourists. Unless they all each other....       

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