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Monday, September 23, 2013

Dead in France

Release date: March 26th
Directed by: Kris McManus
88 Minutes

Everyone does bad things, there is just no way around it, whether it be something little or gigantic it's
happened. Dead in France was a comical, crude bloodbath and I loved all 88 minutes of it! I laughed,
had a few unexpected moments where I actually said "Damn!" out loud. There is a crazy mixture of personalities that you will get a kick out of for sure!

It's a film in the vein of Hot Shot's or Naked Gun. Charles is a hit man that is one hell of a hermit and wants just to retire from the business and cruise the world in his yacht with a hot woman in tow. Problem is he seems to have a social anxiety that doesn't allow him to get any action. He hires a cute cleaning girl named Lisa who he quickly develops quite a crush on.

 He leaves for the day to go about his work as usual and Lisa's man stops over so they can christen every ounce of the house. Simon, a gorgeous blue eyed con artist becomes involved in the scene when his mentally challenged brother Raymond  steals a ton of cash from the trunk of Charles car. What ensues is a total twisted path of  chaos where it seems everyone knows everyone else.

His arch rival Clancy shows up and the bitch just destroys anything and anyone in her path, she is an absolute trip! I went into this not expecting to like it but I did and I needed a laugh which it delivered.
It turns out to be a hysterical killing spree that will have you giggling and other parts will make you squirm- what more could you ask for?    

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