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Friday, September 13, 2013

As Night Falls

Release Date- 11/12/13
Directed by- Joe Davison
78 Minutes

I took a break from reviewing films and As Night Falls from Director Joe Davison is the first
flick I have soaked my brain with lately. It's not a bad deal at all, it's a top notch B movie with
laughs, cheese, babes and blood. The story is of how many years ago Amelia's parents went mad
and took her life with an axe, throwing her little body in a shallow grave. 

It's 50 long years later and the deadly duo are back from hell and are ready to create some of
their own. As parents these two were strict and demented and can't wait to get their hands on   
Lizzie and her little sister Molly who now live in the house. Each girl can feel an evil presence
lurking around them- but do they even stand a chance?

Molly has woke up with the spirit of little Amelia sitting on her bed trying to warn her of the
impending danger that's coming for them all. The party that happens that night is just an invitation
for disaster and many will not live to see the light of day. Can these poor teens figure out the
mystery behind the whople deal and to get rid of them ghosts? 

The Mom in this one is crazy creepy so I looked up who played the part and was floored when I saw
it was Debbie Rochon. I honestly didn't recognize her and she's one of my Favorite scream Queens!
All in all it's a fun, freaky watch that you can share with your friends that are scaredy cats to break
them in for bigger and better things!

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