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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scary Story Slumber Party

Release date: April 20, 2012
Directors involved: Jonathan A. Moody, Coven Delacruz, Chris Roll, John Johnson, Myke Wilson
75 Minutes
Horror Anthology

I have to admit I am an avid book reader who honestly would choose a story over a movie on any given occasion. Even when I didn't review films I still was this way and with Scary Slumber Party you luckily get the best of both worlds. Three girls get together for a slumber party and opt to tell scary stories instead of the lame old Truth or Dare.

 Each girl tries to out do the other with scary stories so that they can reign supreme- you know, typical girls catty as all hell!  The Dare was where a girl is forced to complete a task that was so mean and cruel that you just know something bad is going to happen. Pledge is about how a Goth girl is pledging to get into a Sorority that doesn't want her to succeed and are set on her failing.     

Back Stabber is the whole:is my boyfriend banging my best friend after she witnesses her bestie get numerous phone calls and texts from her man. She sits there steaming until she just can not take it anymore- shame, if only she waited a few seconds longer... Valentine's Prey has cutie Devanny Pinn
who has a secret admirer who finally reveals himself to her.

I had a total blast watching these stories and there are more than a handful  for you to enjoy. Jonathan Moody's Scary Story Slumber Party is destined to become a sure fire hit of an anthology series I can
guarantee you that! With interesting plots, hot chicks, and a way to even involve the main three characters into a background story of it's own.

Director Jonathan Moody's page :

Scary Story Slumber Party:


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